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This page contains a sample listing of Websites which support, in some way, the healthy child development theories, principles, values or goals espoused in this site. Happy surfing!

We would love to hear from you if you know of any other Web resources you think we should add to the list. Please send us the address of the web site you propose, with a brief description of why you think it is relevant, by using the comments form found on our How to Reach Us page.

The Funders Alliance for Children, Youth and Families

The Funders Alliance for Children, Youth and Families is a voluntary association of public, private, government and corporate sector funders.

The primary goals shared by the alliance include: making children, youth and families a high priority for funding; sharing information about funding approaches and projects; individually and collectively adopting strategic approaches to funding; collectively identifying a set of core activities to advance the well-being of young families, and matching funders who are best positioned to contribute to specific activities.

This Website also contains information on becoming a member and offers on-line issue-based conferences for members.

Sparrow Lake Alliance

Sparrow Lake Alliance is a voluntary coalition comprised of professionals and representatives from different service sectors that provide services for children, along with representatives from parents and youth organizations.

The goals, structure and activities of the alliance are intended to achieve the conditions necessary to get all Ontario children off to a good start in life.

This site will be of interest to professionals working with children and to parents, students, researchers, policy makers and others interested in the well being of children.

National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) - Preventing Crime by Investing in Families

NCPC's mission is to help empower individuals and their communities to improve their safety, security and well-being.

The centre's greatest concern is children and youth. The centre looks for new and creative ways to influence the development of policy and programs which will help Canadian children and youth grow up in safe and nurturing environments.

This site also contains many valuable resources including publications, databases and links focusing on crime prevention.

Search Institute- Practical Research Benefiting Children and Youth

The Search Institute is committed to contributing to the knowledge base about youth development by translating high-quality research on children and youth into practical ideas, tools, services, and resources for families, neighbourhoods, schools, organizations, and communities.

This Website focuses on what you can do to make a positive difference for kids.

Healthy Communities / Healthy Youth

Learn about communities that are rebuilding the foundation of development that all young people need. This Website provides publications and other resources to support community asset-building initiatives, including the National Magazine-Assets: The Magazine of Ideas for Healthy Communities and Healthy Youth.

Developmental Assets - An Investment in Youth

This Search Institute Website provides an overview booklet on a community wide approach to asset building, definitions of the developmental assets and also provides great ideas for asset building at home, in schools, in youth organizations and in congregations. Many other resources including books, reports, articles and videos are also available online and by contacting the organization.

Involving Businesses in Building Assets

This site provides examples of creative initiatives successfully implemented by businesses to build assets in children and youth. New stories are welcome.

McCreary Centre Society - Research and Action for Youth Health in British Columbia

The McCreary Centre Society is a non-profit organization committed to improving the health of BC youth through research, information and community based participation projects. This site provides links to current research, publications and youth health resources.

Voices for Children

Voices for children works with organizations and individuals through leadership and education to strengthen public commitment to the healthy development of children and youth. This Website provides an excellent resource guide for programs and services available in Ontario. Also available online, are community action guides, related site links, publications, fact sheets and reference documents.

Electronic newsletter from U.S. David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Future of Children is a free of charge publication whose primary purpose is to disseminate timely information on major issues related to children's well-being. This site also contains reasearch journals pertaining to the well-being of children.

Best Start

The centre is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and supported by the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse. Best Start, Community Action for Healthy Babies seeks to improve the health of mothers and families before, during, and after pregnancy. Within the site are excellent resource materials, such as papers, publications and resource kits.

Carnegie's Starting Points Initiative

Carnegie Corporation of New York awarded grants to sixteen states and cities participating in a new grants program called Starting Points State and Community Partnerships for Young Children. This site offers a program overview, profiles of participating sites and coordinating organizations, the focus of the program, major program components and contact information.

California Department of Education - Healthy Children, Youth and Families

This site provides an aray of resource information and links revolving around heathy children, youth and families, such as child development programs, prevention of tabacco use, education for drug free schools and communities and information on child nutrition and food distribution.

Parents Place Electronic Family Support Infrastructure

Parents Place provides up to date information on general and specific parenting issues. Information on community events, access to parenting tools and online questions and answers can be found on this site.


KidsExercise was formed to offer a unique reference point on keeping your kids fit, active and healthy.

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